On September 20th we opened the doors to our facility to house Haitian Migrants who were in Del Rio. Haitians who had a difficult time passing were held in Del Rio where they camped under a bridge.

We began to receive Haitian Families Sunday Night going to Monday morning.
We are a temporary shelter. We have about a 48-hour turnaround where we receive Haitian Migrants and help them get to their next destination which is with a family or relative.

We have a specific system on how we run things. We have been doing this for other migrant families or refugees in the past. At this moment, we were mostly focusing on our Haitian Families coming from Del Rio.

As we began to receive 200 families a day, in total we received about almost 2,000 families that we housed here on different dates.

Throughout the time that our Haitian families were here, we were able to provide a hot shower, hot Haitian meals, care packages, clothes, shoes, and a resting area where they can rest.

Volunteers were a big help here at NACC. Our Haitian Families only spoke 2 languages, Spanish and French. Most of our staff were not able to communicate with them so our awesome volunteers were encouraged by The Organization Houston Haitians United.

Volunteers helped cooked Haitian food for our Haitian families. We wanted to feed them good food to their taste. Volunteers also helped by translating, braiding hair, barbers coming to groom men’s hair and to help console them during this difficult circumstance.

The number of Donations and Help that were given to us to support the Haitian Families was amazing. Everyone coming together to help these families.

As of now, things are starting to slow down. We have helped over 2,000 families in total to get them to their next destination.

NACC was so glad to be able to help our migrant Haitian Families.
We heard some of their stories and struggles just to get to the U.S. Grasping what they went through really broke our hearts but made us hopeful that they will no longer have to worry about going through those things again.

We wish the best of luck to all the Haitian Families who will start a new life here in the U.S!
For more information about how you can help please contact our office.
(832) 626-7111
Monetary and Physical Donations are acceptable.
Monetary click on the Donation button -> then click on the migrant help tab, and you should be good to go.

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