It is an honor to announce Osvaldo (Ozzy) Capmany is coming to NACC Disaster Services as a Senior Director. He has served American Red Cross as a Vol Counterpart VP International Services and recently Vol Counterpart CEO Texas Gulf Coast. He participated in many significant disaster relief operations nationwide.

His multicultural experience and professional skills were a significant factor in saving lives and leading the recovery of numerous families affected by disasters.

Mr. Capmany’s multiple global O&G business experiences include long-term assignments in America & Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia, such as President, COO, CFO, Business Development, and Global Supply Chain Director, among other senior positions.

Mr. Capmany is Argentine-American, a native of Buenos Aires, and holds a business degree from Belgrano University.


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  1. Contratulations Ossy.
    I am sure with your experience you will be excellent in this position. Keep up caring and giving.

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