Current Efforts

NEW HOME FINISHED, in New Caney Texas!

Garza was filled with gratitude to know we were able to help repair the damages in her home.
The workers would come at 9 am and wouldn’t leave until 9 pm! ” – Garza said

She was impressed by the dedication that our team put throughout the project. Finally, when it was finished she was very satisfied with the results. She couldn’t believe this was her home. She couldn’t stop thanking Jesus for the blessing of getting her home fixed by NACC.

Helping Houston Rebuild completes another home in the Independence heigths area

Helping Houston Rebuild an effort of NACC is continuing to complete homes in the Houston area that were damaged by the winter storm. Thanks to our team for working hard on this project making sure Cloreida H. has a damage free home.
If you know someone that was damaged by the winter storm in february and needs help repairing the damages in their homes please go check out our application

M. Session is content with the repairs that were done in her home, thanks to Helping Houston Rebuild

Helping Houston Rebuild accomplishing another home here in the Houston South Park area. The drastic changes that were done in Session’s restroom and room were outstanding.
M. Session 5970 Ridgeway Dr (SouthPark) Houston 77033.

Helping Houston Rebuilds completes another home in the Independence Heights area

Helping Houston Rebuild has completed another home. Hopkins was affected by the Winter Storm in February of 2021. The winter storm affected many homes and families all over our community. We were able to repair the damages that were made in Hopkins’s home, giving her a safe and comfortable place to live again.

V. Hopkins 343 Spell Street (Independence Heights) Houston 77022

First “Helping Houston Rebuild” Project Completed

Representatives from NACC, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, builders, contractors, and the press gathered at the home of Lolita Cerf to welcome her home.

Flood Victims Donate Water to Freeze Victims

Chavis challenged her North Carolina community to buy a pallet of water and bring it to her office. In two weeks, she had 36 pallets of water ready for NACC to pick up.

Congresswoman Visits “Helping Houston Rebuild”

Lee thanked NACC and Meagan Thee Stallion for collaborating with her to start the “Helping Houston Rebuild” project to help those affected.

For All of the Hard Work and Heavy-Lifting

With each slam of a trunk, the volunteers loading vehicles with food, soda, hand sanitizer, flour, cookie mix, disinfectant, and canned goods at Saturday’s food drive felt what that was like.

Helping Houston Rebuild: Lolita Cerf

First Home Inspected for “Helping Houston Rebuild”, a project of NACC to rebuild the homes of seniors and single mothers after the recent weather emergency.

“Helping Houston Rebuild” with Megan Thee Stallion and NACC Begins

Houston-born rapper Megan Pete, known professionally as Megan Thee Stallion is partnering with NACC Disaster Services (NACC) to rebuild water-logged homes damaged by the winter storm. Complete story here.

Mayor Visits NACC, Speaks About Busted Pipes

The City of Houston dispersed some of its top personnel on Sunday to aid in winter storm relief, including Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Correa Presents NACC with $10,000 Check

The Correa Family Foundation presented NACC Disaster Services (NACC) with a $10,000 check as a thank you for NACC’s efforts during winter storm recovery.



COVID-Related Efforts Continue

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, NACC distributed millions of dollars’ worth of hand sanitizer at a time when it was hard to come by.

NACC Serves 30,000 Bottles of Water, Needs Donations

A warehouse full of water came in handy last week, as Houstonians found themselves in desperate need of bottled water.

Rebuilding Homes Damaged by Winter Storm

National Association of Christian Churches Disaster Services (NACC) will begin rebuilding homes and businesses damaged by the winter storm that hit Houston last week.

Houston's Third Ward Affected by Winter Storm Provided with Food and Water

Houston Police Department Fed During Winter Storm

NACC Opens Doors as a Warming Center

The shelter opened on Sunday night, February 14, when temperatures hit record lows and millions of Houstonians found themselves without power and no clarity as to how long it would take to get the power turned back on. For some the outages lasted for hours, and for others days.

Read complete story here.

Soda, Popcorn, and Cup Distribution, Looking to Expand

There wasn’t a chill in the February air yesterday afternoon as the National Association of Christian Churches (NACC) served about 200 homes in one of our food distributions.

This distribution included a mix of donated goods, including popcorn from the San Antonio Food Bank, drinks from Feed the Children, and cups from Delta. Our partner agencies go through an application process to provide the donations, and we inform the community through social media once enough items are gathered to distribute.

Visitors to our headquarters today could also receive free COVID testing thanks to Your Health Lab, a local medical testing facility.

Cars lined up with their trunks open to partake. Participants are typically from the surrounding community, however NACC hopes to expand our reach during these drives.

“We give not just food, but other items like pillows, cups, and hand towels. Today we’ll give out lotion. Also personal hygiene items,” said NACC Director Angelica Ortega. “We give enough­ —not just their immediate families— but for their extended families or neighbors or elderlies. We give a lot more than just for one household if they ask. We always tell them to share and take whatever they need. They always know someone.”

We need both volunteers and donors for food distribution days. Anyone interested in participating should call 832-626-7111 or email [email protected].

Pastor Luis Larrinaga from Iglesia Cristiana Consolación

Pastor Luis Larrinaga from Iglesia Cristiana Consolación was one of the first pastors to came by and picked up 22 pallets of food boxes to give out to the public. He was able to help out over one thousand families in a matter of a few hours!  Thank you, pastor Luis for doing God’s work!

Houston Police Department

As the weather conditions worsen with Hurricane Laura, we had the opportunity to give out numerous palates or water to different Houston Police Department stations. We hope everyone stays safe! 

Hurricane Hanna was the first Atlantic hurricane to make landfall in Texas in the month of July since Dolly(2008) in 2008. NACC deployed shortly after the hurricane made landfall to help those in need. We were able to collaborate with Mercy chefs to provide food and water to the victims.


We are saddened to hear about the devastating storm that passed through the state of Iowa earlier this week. We learned many residents are still suffering the aftermath of “El Derecho” we just loaded a semi truck with 13 palettes of produce, milk, first aid supplies to help the victims of El Derecho in Iowa.

On July 25th of 2020 NACC had the honor to serve as one of the largest testing sites in Houston, Texas along with Mayor Turner, Congresswoman Sheila Lee Jackson, Air National Guard, HPD, and HFD.

On Saturday we were honored to visit 3 communities in Houston and feed over 1,000 families in need. Thank you to everyone that came out and volunteered their time and effort. We could not have done this without you guys.

Oklahoma shipment

Yesterday our facilities sent out a shipment to Oklahoma with 500 gallons of bleach, 6 palettes of non perishable foods, 6 palettes of juices and water as well as PPE body suits and 2 palettes of foam take home plates.

Food and mask distribution event

Our volunteers in action at the food and mask distribution event hosted by Mayor Turner and NACC Disaster Services where we served over 2,500 families in need.





Mask and food distribution with Houston Mayor Turner

We would like to thank everyone who joined us in yesterday’s food and mask
distribution. We were able to feed over 2,500 families through our contactless drive-through. We would like to thank Mayor Sylvester Turner, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Houston Police Department, Samaritans Feet, Borden Dairy and all of our volunteers.

We could have not done this without each of you.

Luz Del Consolador Church and NACC Disaster services collaboration

It is always a pleasure to serve Luz De Consolador and Pastor Mirna Vargas.
Last weekend she picked up 16 pallets of produce and milk, today she picked up 1 pallet of milk. She shared with us a few testimonies of individuals who have lost their jobs and have lost hope until they came across one of our distributions and were able to take food home to their families.

We are grateful that we can make a difference in our community

Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church and NACC Disaster services collaboration

Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church and NACC Disaster services collaborated to be part of the Fifth Ward Food Distribution where we provided food and milk to almost 700 families in need.

UniSocial and NACC Disaster Relief

UniSocial had the opportunity to give out a total of 8 palates of food and milk to their communities in need on de Southwest side of Houston.

Iglesia Gracia y Poder Distribution

Thank you to iglesia Gracia y Poder for sharing their testimony with us regarding their weekend distribution. We are so glad you guys could help so many people.

NACC distribution in Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange County, Old Washington and Angleton

“Just a reminder, we were able to serve food not only to people in our community, but we were able to serve people in Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange County, Old Washington and Angleton! We thank God for this awesome connection with NACC!”

-Charneath Ward

Food distribution Iglesia Ebenezer

Thank you Iglesia Ebenezer for coming out to our warehouse to pick up food to bless your community. We are grateful to be able to partner up with such an amazing church in Houston Texas.

NACC Disaster Services and Foundation of Christian families distribution of milk and produce boxes in Bastrop, Texas

NACC and Ministero Nisi distribution for the local community in Houston Texas.

Foundation Christian Families and
Ministerios Nisi collaboration

NACC Disaster Services had the opportunity to collaborate with two major churches to distribute thousands of gallons of Borden Dairy Milk and produce boxes to the community. Foundation Christian Families and Ministerios Nisi rented two full sized U-hauls and loaded them to the max with milk and food. Both churches were able to feed and bless their local communities. Thousands of boxes were distribute with a no contact drive through method.

NACC disaster services behind the scenes of the visual

Yesterday on June 8th, NACC disaster services had the opportunity to be part of the behind the scenes of Mr Floyd’s peaceful visual at university of Houston. We were dispatched to provide drinks and food for the first responders and the peaceful protestors who support justice and equality. We are glad we got to talk to some of you and listened as you shared your stories with us and, your motive for being out there exercising your freedom to speak up for what you believe in.

We support all of you.

NACC Disaster Services serving thousands around the country #feedyourcitychallenge

NACC Disaster Services had the honor to be part of the first #feedyourcitychallenge with Ricky Davis, Rapper Pusha T, and musician
Tony Drapper.

NACC Disaster Services successful collaboration with MCYM

NACC Disaster services had the opportunity to collaborate with Malankara Catholic Youth Movement and provide them with supplies for their community.agencies.


NACC unconditional support towards law enforcement

NACC Disaster Services deployed to Downtown Houston to support the law enforcement officers by providing them refreshments and food. Some of them had been standing in the same position for almost 16 hours with no water and no food. We got to serve hundreds of officers from all kinds of agencies.

We like to thank our first responders for your unconditional protection towards our community

Unisocial Collaboration

NACC disaster services is delighted to have opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing organization like Unisocial they distribute hundreds of gallons of Borden Dairy milk to their local community. We love to see our organizations working together in unity for a greater cause.

The Rick Davis legacy foundation and J. prince

Last weekend on May 30th we got two Borden dairy trucks out to the community to give out milk and pray for our fellow neighbors. Thank you to
The Rick Davis legacy foundation and J. prince for being part of this project. We could not have done it without you guys.

NACC And New Step outreach collaboration

New Step Outreach in DeRidder, LA – A subordinate organization of NACC Disaster Services – has been feeding approximately 210 hot meals to the senior community throughout the Parish every Wednesday since COVID-19 started; along with the meals approximately 400 food/commodity boxes have been given out thus far.

Milk distribution continues

We would like to extend our thanks to Priest Anil Thomas from Holy Name Catholic Church for coming by last week to pick up 1,080 gallons of Borden Dairy milk to distribute on his side of town with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson lee.



Thousands of gallons of milk distributed to families in need

NACC continues to collaborate with hundreds of churches around the country to distribute Borden Dairy milk to families in need! This past weekend on May 23, 2020, we had the blessing to collaborate with Iglesia Rios De Aceite <> to give out
thousands of gallons of milk.

We look forward to working along with many more churches and reach all the communities in need.

Food and milk distribution in Lousiana

NACC, and Crossroads Community Organization were able to distribute a total of 1,000 gallons of Borden Dairy milk and almost 500 grocery boxes  to the local community. NACC and Crossroads would like to thank all the police officers and the volunteers who stepped up to help serve the community of Independence, Lousiana.


Necessity boxes for quarantined officers

NACC disaster services partners up with Deputy Temple and Deputy Kelly from the homeless outreach team with Harris County Sheriff’s Office HCSOTexas they will be delivering first necessity boxes to some of the quarantined officers, their families and anyone in need. NACC extends its appreciation to the officers and those who are helping the community.

NACC and Borden dairy collaboration

We are so excited to collaborate with Revival house church to distribute
gallons of milk and snacks to the families in need. Thank you pastor Bruce
for allowing us to serve your church and your members. We look forward
expanding our aid and providing for more families. Thank you to Borden
dairy for partnering with us to make this possible.

NACC and Ricky Davis foundation

NACC disaster services partnered up with the Ricky Davis legacy foundation to service the first 500 families distributing food, canned goods, masks, and gloves.

Loading up a shipping container with medical supplies for the hospitals in Puerto Rico

Loading up a shipping container with medical supplies for the hospitals in
Puerto Rico, again thank you Correa Family Foundation
for the collaboration.

Loading up the Salvation Army

Loading up the Salvation Army with clothes and light jackets for those in need.

Tornado hit on Onalaska, Texas

On April 22nd we learned of a fatal tornado that hit the city of Onalaska, Texas. NACC was called to the scene the same day to provide supplies and aid for those affected. We provided food, blankets, aid, hygiene kits, and more to the community.

Meal packages for families in need

Thanks to our volunteers, all your support and continued donations were
able to continue the fight. Today we are creating 500 meal packages for
families in need that are affected by COVID-19.

Heart Water

Thank you Heart Water for collaborating with NACC and Correa family
foundation. Thank you for trusting us with your product we can’t wait to
distribute to those in need.

Coronavirus outreach

NACC Disaster Services has once again stepped up to take care of our first responders.


With your help, we can change someones LIFE!