Saturday, November 20th NACC and part of the team traveled to Miami FL to partake in a community relief event happening at The Palm Church.

We collaborated with many awesome individuals.
Such as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, CCFCF, ZIMCA, Bishop Thomas Masters.

Back in September, we opened the door to our facility to temporarily shelter Haitian Families from Del Rio. We sheltered over 2,000 families.

Some of our Haitian families were destined to arrive in Florida, New York, and other places. Most of the families did go to Florida so we decided to do a distribution for our Haitian families, not only for them but around the area.

Many families were grateful for what took place that day.

NACC took 2 full trailers of food, clothes, and essential supplies that are needed on a daily basis. We even had diapers for the babies. Many of the clothes and supplies were donations from Houstonians who donated for all the Haitian Families coming from Del Rio.

Our hearts were full of joy to see familiar faces during this time. People we attended back in September remembered us and were excited to know we came all the way to Florida for them.

To our Haitian community, we are here to help!


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