NACC Disaster Services is proud of Megan Thee Stallion for completing her degree at Texas Southern University.

In February 2021 We suffered a Winter Freeze here in Houston.
A lot of homes and buildings lost power, and because the temperature was very low it complicated things such as the pipes of homes being busted. A lot of people lost power for a very long time making their living terms very difficult to run.

Megan The Stallion Donated to NACC to help re-build homes here in the Houston Area
We Honored her for her hard work and dedication. Not just that but her large amount of support in helping the people in Houston.

Megan strongly targeted to help Single Mothers and the elderly.

With Megan’s help, we were able to complete so many homes.

We honored her today and NACC wishes Megan The Stallion the best in her new chapter in life.


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