On Tuesday, October 12, 2021, an electric fire caused severe damage at the_ Harmony House_ worker dorm on Girard St in Houston Tx.

This facility was home to 76 working men who pay an extremely low rate for a safe place to sleep, store their belongings, and have a safe place to shower.
Luckily no one was harmed by the fire.

Many of them lost all their things such as clothes, IDs, birth certificates, electronics, etc… Everyone in the building lost any food items that were stored in lockers and refrigerators. Most of these residents would live on the street if they didn’t have a bed at Harmony House.

NACC donated on October 14 shirts, pants. And shoes to all 76 men. All the clothes we donated were picked up by Harmony House Inc themselves.

They are currently all safe and in Hotels thanks to Red Cross, and have opened a go fund me account to raise money to continue to help with the gentlemen in Harmony House Inc.

They need to still get to work, some others attend appointments, and buy food for them to eat. Therefore, they need gas cards, food gift cards, or gift cards, in general, are accepted. Monetary Donations are always accepted at Harmony House Inc.

Help them meet their goal by donating to their go fund me.


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