According to the National Weather Service, three winter storm complexes will move through Houston.

The first of the three systems will be arriving Saturday, February 13 early evening and overnight. Near freezing temperatures will be in place with a threat of freezing rain and sleet. Precipitation amounts should be light, but icy roads will be an issue.

The second system is likely to bring record-setting cold to the region. Bitterly cold air will be moving behind an Arctic cold front Sunday night into Monday morning. Temperatures will abruptly plummet below freezing with strong gusty northerly winds. The freezing rain is likely to change to snow. Prolonged periods of freezing temperatures are expected with low temperatures Tuesday morning from 5 to 15 degrees.

Travel will be severely impacted by hazardous icy and snowy road conditions. Sporadic power outages will be a possibility. Pipes and sprinkler systems may burst if not properly cared for in advance. You should plan to stay put for at least a day given where you are Sunday night because travel may be extremely hazardous Monday.

Hypothermia will be a possibility for those not dressed appropriately. Brutally cold wind chill readings of negative seven to 10 degrees will be likely Monday through Tuesday morning.

The third system arrives sometime Wednesday and could bring another round of freezing rain or snow, though not as cold as Monday night and Tuesday morning.

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