Santa Ana, El Salvador- NACC Disaster Services has just made a major delivery to El Salvador with medical supplies and food. All the supplies that were sent were distributed to different hospitals around the country, including the Hospital San Juan de Dios. There is also food that is currently being distributed to the people on the frontlines that are running out of food. “The front line workers have 24-hour shifts, on-site working with COVID-19 patients, and they are exhausted.” Said Robert from El Salvador.

In March of 2020, NACC delivered truckloads of medical and cleaning supplies to El Salvador. To transform multiple hospitals littered with safety and sanitation hazards due to lack of funding. Once the supplies were received, volunteers took the step to wash up and prepare to receive COVID-19 patients and treat them in a clean and healthy facility.

*NACC looks forward to expanding its aid around the world to those in need.*

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