Houston Tx temperatures dropped to the low 30s on Sunday.
NACC prepared a warming center here at our facility.
We provided the following

  1. Hot Coffee
  2. Hot Showers
  3. Hot Chocolate
  4. Fresh Undergarments
  5. Cooked Meals
  6. Blankets & Pillow
  7. Socks
  8. Place to sleep

Rapid Covid Testing was available at all times. NACC wanted to make sure everyone was safe while in use of the items provided.

We kept the place nice and warm for everyone. Opened from Sunday – Wednesday.

We respected our guests and decided not to physically interview them as some of them wanted to remain anonymous. One of our guests had a lot to say he mentioned

“You guys are awesome for opening this place up it was freezing outside. That Hot water was great and the coffee and don’t get me started on the breakfast! Thank you guys yall are so awesome!”

If you would like to contribute to the help that we provide please visit our donation page.



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