NACC staff has done such a great job throughout the year 2021. From Disaster Services to Opening the Migrant Shelter, food distributions, re-building homes, to other great events that were held by NACC to help the community.

Our staff was able to celebrate all of their accomplishments together alongside their families.

We enjoyed food, games, fellowship, and gifts.

This year we could not have done it without our staff.

NACC leaders our President and Vice President of NACC have pushed the staff to always strive to be at their full potential and always do it with a kind heart.

NACC focuses on helping people and Our staff has always remained kind and helpful to the community.

Many challenges were faced but at the end of the day, God provided and made it all possible.

From NACC STAFF: ” to a year full of blessings !, Happy New Year”


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