Since the winter storm, URI NACC has been working on a rebuilding project. Although most of our re-building is done for homes this one has a special place in the neighborhood.

Congress Woman Sheila Jackson Lee alongside Pastor Sanders was so devasted by the result of the damages left in the church. It was a tough time for the church congregation.
Cliffdale Church was a spot where they would give back to the community. It was a very known church around the neighborhood. They would host a lot of events,s especially for the kids. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson was also very close to Cliffdale Baptist Church.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee told us about the damages and we got our team going to help rebuild the church to be in better shape.

This Project was an ongoing project that began in February of 2021 and ended and just last week January 9th was their grand opening of the new look of the church. Our contractors and their teams did such an incredible job. Pastor Sanders was filled with Joy when he saw the outcome of the church. It looks beautiful and we cant wait to see how people enjoy their new place of worship for Sundays!.


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