The second “Helping Houston Rebuild” project was completed last week.

“Helping Houston Rebuild,” a project of NACC, reaches those uninsured and underinsured who suffered damages from burst pipes due to Winter Storm Uri back in February. In Gloria Mercado’s case, her insurance denied coverage to her pipes despite her attempts to ensure any such damages would be covered.

“I am so disappointed to find out it won’t be covered, because they said it was frozen pipes that did the damage,” said Mercado. “I said I just want to be sure if any type of water touched my floors or my walls it will be covered with this type of insurance, and he said ‘oh yes, sure.’”

Fortunately, “Helping Houston Rebuild” stepped in and was able to repair the burst pipes running through the ceiling in her garage and in her kitchen.

“Thank you for coming to fix my house. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart because there was insulation all over my skin, it was itching, and I had to try and cover it all in the kitchen. That way it didn’t get all over my food,” said Mercado. “It was a mess, but I’m glad that angels like y’all helped me out.”

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