According to the Weather Channel, Tropical Storm Epsilon has formed in the central Atlantic Ocean and is expected to intensify into a hurricane before tracking close to Bermuda late this week.

This newly formed tropical storm is centered about 700 miles southeast of Bermuda and is not moving at this time. Epsilon is now wrapping convection around its center of circulation, despite facing some modest upper-level westerly winds creating wind shear over the system. Epsilon is forecast to strengthen and become the Atlantic’s 10th hurricane of the season by midweek.

With blocking high pressure aloft to its north, this system won’t be able to simply take off immediately into the open North Atlantic but instead will be steered northwestward. That track may allow Epsilon to move near Bermuda as a hurricane by late in the week.

It’s too early to provide specific forecast impacts for Bermuda, but bands of heavy rain and strong winds are possible.

See here for more information.

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