Do you ever wonder where we get our water?

In this instance, it was the opportunity for those we helped to help us back.

Wendy Chavis, Director of Parks and Recreation for Robeson County North Carolina reached out to NACC following the recent freeze to see how she could help. NACC deployed emergency response vehicles to North Carolina to feed the displaced during both Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Hurricane Florence in 2018, and so Chavis knew who to call to offer her assistance.

“When I talked to him, (Pastor Ortega, NACC President) he said everybody needs water,” said Chavis.

Chavis challenged her North Carolina community to buy a pallet of water and bring it to her office. In two weeks, she had 36 pallets of water ready for NACC to pick up.

“People may still donate,” said Chavis.

“The church has really stepped up in the county. Every church that donated, donated an entire pallet,” said Chavis. “I was very impressed with the churches here.”

Communities reaching out, like this, illustrates NACC’s network, which is vital in times of emergency.

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