Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and NACC Disaster Services (NACC) toured the home of Lolita Cerf this afternoon.

“The difficulty is, when you are a senior citizen, it is so hard to get help, or to know where to get help,” said Lee.

Cerf is the first applicant to the “Helping Houston Rebuild” project to have her pipes repaired after the winter storm. NACC was granted permission from a donor to redo more than just her pipes, and Cerf is staying in a hotel this week while her siding, roof, foundation, and disability deck are also being repaired.

“The way NACC is making this, it’s going to be absolutely beautiful,” said Lee.

The congresswoman stated that she and NACC were working on food distributions and free COVID testing sites when the freeze hit, and suddenly a different need arose.

“In this very area, a senior citizen froze in his bed, died from the freeze, an eleven-year-old boy froze, a grandmother and her three children in another area burned up because of a fire because of the freeze, and of course this wonderful woman’s house lost water, pipes froze, and she just couldn’t survive,” said Lee.

Lee thanked NACC and Meagan Thee Stallion for collaborating with her to start the “Helping Houston Rebuild” project to help those affected. She said that Meagan, who won three Grammys at last night’s awards ceremony, “made us proud last night, but she’s made us proud because her heart is big and she wants to give.”

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