Sometimes it takes the smallest steps in the right direction to make a drastic impact.

With each slam of a trunk, the volunteers loading vehicles with food, soda, hand sanitizer, flour, cookie mix, disinfectant, and canned goods at Saturday’s food drive felt what that was like. For some Houstonians, just a half a grocery store run’s worth of supplies was enough to wait in a line of cars in the early afternoon hours.

Winter Storm Uri affected most homes in Houston, whether refrigerators had to be emptied due to power outages or pipes burst due to freezing temperatures.

The food distribution, which took place at Houston Community College North Forest (HCC), was put on by the joint efforts of NACC and State Representative Senfronia Thompson. It helped people bring “in foods that they have lost during the freeze, to be able to get good nutrition back into their homes,” said Thompson in a speech.

“When I came in, the line was already down the street, which tells you she was correct in assessing the need here today,” said HCC Trustee Rhonda Skillern-Jones. “Thank you for the volunteers. For all of the hard work and heavy lifting, we appreciate that.”

“These cars have been lined up since before I got here –before 7:00 am– and that just shows you how great the need is,” said Houston City Councilwoman At-Large 5 Sallie Alcorn, who also showed up to volunteer. “The need is great in Houston, but Houstonians’ generous spirit is much, much greater.”

“Our mission at NACC is to serve where there’s a need,” said National Disaster Programs Coordinator Toni Wellington.

Future volunteers and participants can hear about food distributions on our social media pages.



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