National Association of Christian Churches Disaster Services (NACC) will begin rebuilding homes and businesses damaged by the winter storm that hit Houston last week.

Public adjusters will assess the damages to properties and volunteers will perform “muck outs,” removing the water-logged materials before rebuilding can begin.

Rebuilding can include fixing plumbing issues, electricity, structural issues with walls and floors, appliances, furniture, and carpet.

A massive volunteer drive is necessary in order to rebuild as many homes as possible. NACC is needing volunteers to participate in “muck outs.”

Donations are needed. Monetary donations can be made on our webpage at Other possible donations include building materials, sheet rock, sheet rock screws, insulation, and clothing. All in kind donations can be brought to 16605 Air Center Blvd. Houston, TX 77032.


Rebuilding Homes Damaged by Winter Storm - NACC Disaster Services


NACC is concentrating on assisting families who are not likely to receive help from FEMA or insurance. 

“A lot of them have damage that doesn’t reach high enough to the deductibles, said NACC President Jose Ortega. “If they have no insurance, they become our priority.”

Ortega said NACC is open to help as many families as possible, with two years being the typical window after a disaster to receive relief. 

“We’re going to treat this like a hurricane category five. This is our home. We’ll be here for as long as it takes, and we’ll help as many people as it takes.”

To help those families, NACC has received calls from partner churches with volunteers from around the country, including a 7-team group from Seattle that are all skilled workers such as plumbers and electricians. 

“As we put the word out there, we have over 200 churches in the United States that usually stay present in times of disasters.”

Ortega said he is grateful for help from all over the country, since NACC typically deploys around the country to help out during disasters. 

“We want to help people we don’t know. We want to help out people who, no matter what their religion is, no matter what their sex is, no matter what they are, we want to help them. They need help, we’re there. At the end of the day we don’t charge a dime, we don’t even expect a thank you, we just want to repair their homes.”

Rebuilding is set to begin next week. To volunteer, donate, or receive assistance, call 832-626-7111 or email [email protected].

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