Beginning this year, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters will occupy a room in the NACC Disaster Services (NACC) Building.

Sharing a roof together may have begun recently, but Teamsters International Representative Roy Gillespie met NACC President Jose Ortega during Hurricane Harvey, and the two have been serving the public together ever since.

“We started a relationship that rivals none. It’s been a good working relationship, a lot of good people, and a learning experience to some extent, but it’s great,” said Gillespie.

The Teamsters are a labor organization that works to help the community and ensure that people have a good living wage, health benefits, job security, and no abuse in the workplace. Founded in 1903, they have historically been blue collar workers, but today doctors, nurses, and airline pilots are also members.

With NACC, they have focused on getting emergency supplies out to people as part of COVID relief.

“A lot of people who were fully employed, gainfully employed, had a nice car, nice house, all of a sudden are desperate,” said Gillespie, “very desperate.”

NACC looks forward to continuing to serve the needs of the community alongside the Teamsters.

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